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Make Compliance Simple will help you customize your

compliance based on your unique industry.

Let us help you get Compliant!

Solutions Fitted to Your Business

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Getting your business compliant doesn’t have to be something you put off, causing you untold hours of stress. Someone who knows compliance and your business can take all that away quickly and efficiently.

Make Compliance Simple takes the time to get to know you and your business. Regardless of where you are in the audit continuum – before, during or after a Labor Board notice or inspection by Federal and Cal/OSHA, HIPAA  or the California Dental or Medical Board– we bring a trusted outsiders’ eye to your compliance challenges.


We  offer a variety of simple and economic solutions –  everything you need to ensure and maintain compliance in your office from A to Z. Our services include consulting and convenient in-office training, custom site-specific manuals and other tools like laminated OSHA and labor law posters,  incorporation services, quarterly inspection materials and ongoing support.

How can you recognize a compliance situation before it becomes a problem?

You receive a notice from the Labor Board OR  you discover a patient is concerned about their HIPAA rights because your staff discussed personal medical details in front of another patient OR a disgruntled employee calls OSHA to tell them that the protective equipment you provide is defective.

MCS Does It All For Us

“I really enjoy working with Maureen and Make Compliance Simple. She and her staff are prompt and very professional with excellent attention to detail. She handles all of my staffing needs from basic human resources to essential OSHA and HIPAA compliance needs. I highly recommend Make Compliance Simple.”

Dr. Chase Lay

Chase Lay MD & Associates Inc.

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