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Make Compliance Simple - The safety net

Business is About Relationships

Make Compliance Simple is the safety net under your business,

protecting your practice and your patients relationships

Let us partner with you, not just consult for you.


Partnering For Your Business Success

Your business is built on relationships with your patients and staff. Solid relationships built on trust, accountability and best practices.

When you partner with us, our talent lies in building and managing the relationships that ensure that your business maintains compliance.

We make sure you and your staff are educated correctly and your facility is complaint. Protecting it from risks that can be avoided.

Isn’t that the kind of partner you want for your business?

Some examples may include:

  • Providing Dental Board-approved trainings

  • Outfitting your office with an Employee Manual

  • Helping you avoid HIPAA Breaches

  • Guiding you through a OSHA requirements

We do the background work so you can run your practice smoothly.

MCS bg.png

About Our Team: Your Access to a Big Toolbox

We are a full-service-boutique compliance firm, equipped to provide custom made solutions that fit your unique business. We serve clients in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey Counties.


Our team will handhold you through the entire compliance process from A to Z.


Some of our credentials include:

  • California Dental Board-Certified Continuing Education Credit Provider

  • Extensive training and certification in HR

  • Extensive training and certification in  HIPAA

  • Certified Cal-OSHA Trainer

Our History

Make Compliance Simple was born in 2014, VZ Consulting, Inc. acquired May I Help You?, the Bay Area consultancy and training expert in Cal/OSHA and Dental Board Compliance since 1996.


Make Compliance Simple works with, and for, small businesses and healthcare, such as dental offices, optometrists, medical offices and chiropractors. 

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